Psalms 59

Deliver me from mine enemies, O my God: defend me from them that rise up against me.
(扫罗打发人窥探大卫的房屋,要杀他。那时,大卫作这金诗,交与伶长。调用休要毁坏。)我的 神啊,求你救我脱离仇敌,把我安置在高处,得脱那些起来攻击我的人。
Deliver me from the workers of iniquity, and save me from bloody men.
For, lo, they lie in wait for my soul: the mighty are gathered against me; not for my transgression, nor for my sin, O LORD.
They run and prepare themselves without my fault: awake to help me, and behold.
Thou therefore, O LORD God of hosts, the God of Israel, awake to visit all the heathen: be not merciful to any wicked transgressors. Selah.
万军之 神─耶和华以色列的 神啊!求你兴起,惩治万邦!不要怜悯行诡诈的恶人!(细拉)
They return at evening: they make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city.
Behold, they belch out with their mouth: swords are in their lips: for who, say they, doth hear?
But thou, O LORD, shalt laugh at them; thou shalt have all the heathen in derision.
Because of his strength will I wait upon thee: for God is my defence.
我的力量啊,我必仰望你,因为 神是我的高台。
The God of my mercy shall prevent me: God shall let me see my desire upon mine enemies.
我的 神要以慈爱迎接我; 神要叫我看见我仇敌遭报。
Slay them not, lest my people forget: scatter them by thy power; and bring them down, O Lord our shield.
For the sin of their mouth and the words of their lips let them even be taken in their pride: and for cursing and lying which they speak.
Consume them in wrath, consume them, that they may not be: and let them know that God ruleth in Jacob unto the ends of the earth. Selah.
求你发怒,使他们消灭,以致归于无有,叫他们知道 神在雅各中间掌权,直到地极。(细拉)
And at evening let them return; and let them make a noise like a dog, and go round about the city.
Let them wander up and down for meat, and grudge if they be not satisfied.
But I will sing of thy power; yea, I will sing aloud of thy mercy in the morning: for thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble.
Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy.
我的力量啊,我要歌颂你;因为 神是我的高台,是赐恩与我的 神。