Ezekiel 22

Moreover the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
et factum est verbum Domini ad me dicens
Now, thou son of man, wilt thou judge, wilt thou judge the bloody city? yea, thou shalt shew her all her abominations.
et tu fili hominis num iudicas num iudicas civitatem sanguinum
Then say thou, Thus saith the Lord GOD, The city sheddeth blood in the midst of it, that her time may come, and maketh idols against herself to defile herself.
et ostendes ei omnes abominationes suas et dices haec dicit Dominus Deus civitas effundens sanguinem in medio sui ut veniat tempus eius et quae fecit idola contra semet ipsam ut pollueretur
Thou art become guilty in thy blood that thou hast shed; and hast defiled thyself in thine idols which thou hast made; and thou hast caused thy days to draw near, and art come even unto thy years: therefore have I made thee a reproach unto the heathen, and a mocking to all countries.
in sanguine tuo qui a te effusus est deliquisti et in idolis tuis quae fecisti polluta es et adpropinquare fecisti dies tuos et adduxisti tempus annorum tuorum propterea dedi te obprobrium gentibus et inrisionem universis terris
Those that be near, and those that be far from thee, shall mock thee, which art infamous and much vexed.
quae iuxta sunt et quae procul a te triumphabunt de te sordida nobilis grandis interitu
Behold, the princes of Israel, every one were in thee to their power to shed blood.
ecce principes Israhel singuli in brachio suo fuerunt in te ad effundendum sanguinem
In thee have they set light by father and mother: in the midst of thee have they dealt by oppression with the stranger: in thee have they vexed the fatherless and the widow.
patrem et matrem contumeliis adfecerunt in te advenam calumniati sunt in medio tui pupillum et viduam contristaverunt apud te
Thou hast despised mine holy things, and hast profaned my sabbaths.
sanctuaria mea sprevistis et sabbata mea polluistis
In thee are men that carry tales to shed blood: and in thee they eat upon the mountains: in the midst of thee they commit lewdness.
viri detractores fuerunt in te ad effundendum sanguinem et super montes comederunt in te scelus operati sunt in medio tui
In thee have they discovered their fathers' nakedness: in thee have they humbled her that was set apart for pollution.
verecundiora patris discoperuerunt in te inmunditiam menstruatae humiliaverunt in te
And one hath committed abomination with his neighbour's wife; and another hath lewdly defiled his daughter in law; and another in thee hath humbled his sister, his father's daughter.
et unusquisque in uxorem proximi sui operatus est abominationem et socer nurum suam polluit nefarie frater sororem suam filiam patris sui oppressit in te
In thee have they taken gifts to shed blood; thou hast taken usury and increase, and thou hast greedily gained of thy neighbours by extortion, and hast forgotten me, saith the Lord GOD.
munera acceperunt apud te ad effundendum sanguinem usuram et superabundantiam accepisti et avare proximos tuos calumniabaris meique oblita es ait Dominus Deus
Behold, therefore I have smitten mine hand at thy dishonest gain which thou hast made, and at thy blood which hath been in the midst of thee.
ecce conplosi manus meas super avaritiam tuam quam fecisti et super sanguinem qui effusus est in medio tui
Can thine heart endure, or can thine hands be strong, in the days that I shall deal with thee? I the LORD have spoken it, and will do it.
numquid sustinebit cor tuum aut praevalebunt manus tuae in diebus quos ego faciam tibi ego Dominus locutus sum et faciam
And I will scatter thee among the heathen, and disperse thee in the countries, and will consume thy filthiness out of thee.
et dispergam te in nationes et ventilabo te in terras et deficere faciam inmunditiam tuam a te
And thou shalt take thine inheritance in thyself in the sight of the heathen, and thou shalt know that I am the LORD.
et possidebo te in conspectu gentium et scies quia ego Dominus
And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
et factum est verbum Domini ad me dicens
Son of man, the house of Israel is to me become dross: all they are brass, and tin, and iron, and lead, in the midst of the furnace; they are even the dross of silver.
fili hominis versa est mihi domus Israhel in scoriam omnes isti aes et stagnum et ferrum et plumbum in medio fornacis scoria argenti facti sunt
Therefore thus saith the Lord GOD; Because ye are all become dross, behold, therefore I will gather you into the midst of Jerusalem.
propterea haec dicit Dominus Deus eo quod versi estis omnes in scoriam propterea ecce ego congregabo vos in medium Hierusalem
As they gather silver, and brass, and iron, and lead, and tin, into the midst of the furnace, to blow the fire upon it, to melt it; so will I gather you in mine anger and in my fury, and I will leave you there, and melt you.
congregatione argenti et aeris et ferri et stagni et plumbi in medium fornacis ut succendam in eam ignem ad conflandum sic congregabo in furore meo et in ira mea et requiescam et conflabo vos
Yea, I will gather you, and blow upon you in the fire of my wrath, and ye shall be melted in the midst thereof.
et congregabo vos et succendam vos in igne furoris mei et conflabimini in medio eius
As silver is melted in the midst of the furnace, so shall ye be melted in the midst thereof; and ye shall know that I the LORD have poured out my fury upon you.
ut conflatur argentum in medio fornacis sic eritis in medio eius et scietis quia ego Dominus effuderim indignationem meam super vos
And the word of the LORD came unto me, saying,
et factum est verbum Domini ad me dicens
Son of man, say unto her, Thou art the land that is not cleansed, nor rained upon in the day of indignation.
fili hominis dic ei tu es terra inmunda et non conpluta in die furoris
There is a conspiracy of her prophets in the midst thereof, like a roaring lion ravening the prey; they have devoured souls; they have taken the treasure and precious things; they have made her many widows in the midst thereof.
coniuratio prophetarum in medio eius sicut leo rugiens capiensque praedam animam devoraverunt opes et pretium acceperunt viduas eius multiplicaverunt in medio illius
Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.
sacerdotes eius contempserunt legem meam et polluerunt sanctuaria mea inter sanctum et profanum non habuere distantiam et inter pollutum et mundum non intellexerunt et a sabbatis meis averterunt oculos suos et coinquinabar in medio eorum
Her princes in the midst thereof are like wolves ravening the prey, to shed blood, and to destroy souls, to get dishonest gain.
principes eius in medio illius quasi lupi rapientes praedam ad effundendum sanguinem et perdendas animas et avare sectanda lucra
And her prophets have daubed them with untempered morter, seeing vanity, and divining lies unto them, saying, Thus saith the Lord GOD, when the LORD hath not spoken.
prophetae autem eius liniebant eos absque temperamento videntes vana et divinantes eis mendacium dicentes haec dicit Dominus Deus cum Dominus non sit locutus
The people of the land have used oppression, and exercised robbery, and have vexed the poor and needy: yea, they have oppressed the stranger wrongfully.
populi terrae calumniabantur calumniam et rapiebant violenter egenum et pauperem adfligebant et advenam opprimebant calumnia absque iudicio
And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
et quaesivi de eis virum qui interponeret sepem et staret oppositus contra me pro terra ne dissiparem eam et non inveni
Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them; I have consumed them with the fire of my wrath: their own way have I recompensed upon their heads, saith the Lord GOD.
et effudi super eos indignationem meam in igne irae meae consumpsi eos viam eorum in caput eorum reddidi ait Dominus Deus